Sunday, December 20, 2009


Bangkok, Thailand

When the day closes to an end, the Godly light fades to a pale amber and the bright, soul-less manmade lights take over. When the concrete jungle threatens to overwhelm, one can find the setting sun peeping from somewhere far away in the distance. Sometimes, all the wealth in the world cannot substitute the fulfillment brought about by an alluring sunset...

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Actor. Presenter. Singer. Thinker. Dreamer. Idealist. Moody. Sarcastic. Flirt. Comic book geek & travel enthusiast. A Former Dentist! A closet cartoonist & an avid photographer. A nomad at heart who cannot live without friends, good food, soul-stirring music & his cell phone. A Buddhist who detests clashes & wars due to religion. A person who communicates best in writing, hence the blog. Hates hypocrisy & double standards. Has been accused of being insensitive. What does he notice first in a girl? Eyes of course ! What did you think????