Monday, April 26, 2010


The world passes by in the rear view mirror as the magic hour begins to set in in Philadelphia. The shooting of Badmaash Comapny not only provided the opportunity to satiate my wanderlust but was also responsible for providing some great shots. For months now, I've been planning to buy a bigger, better camera (friends have pushed me for it as well). I guess it's a natural progression for a Photophile to accumulate better tools and with time, that shall happen as well.

Now, there is no looking back...


Sami Saayer said...

seeing you in the trailers came as a surprise. looking forward to see the movie.

niyati said...

:) Fingers crossed and still there is no looking back. You had the fire; you took up the opportunity and now you stand on the cliff's edge. The firmament is all yours. Take off on a new flight; your wings are waiting to soar the heights but beyond all; the sky is awaiting to embrace you..

About the shot, wonderful as always:) A simple thing speaks volumes and as you said, there's no looking back, even if you walk down the memory lane in just a glimpse of your rear-view mirror called time...:)
All the best Meiyang.
I hope and pray for a grand success of yours:)

always yours.....:)

Sami Saayer said...

The film marks the 'birth' of another talent -- Meiyang Chang -- who adds a lot of freshness and zing to his character. TARAN ADARSH

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